Jasmine International Tower

Jasmine International Tower is one of the best business centers in Thailand and is owned by Jasmine Group being one of the 50 biggest companies of the country. The building has its own website with more information and photos providing the full idea as to internal space and services.

About company – owner

Jasmine Group was founded in 1982 offering professional consultations in engineering and management. As far as the development of telecommunication networks within the state was regulated by government and most telephone, radio, and television services were provided by Government organizations, it was rather vacant niche at the market for private sector when it was allowed to conclude agreements with state enterprises and to suggest private services in this sphere. And it happened just up to 1990. Since that year a lot of changes have taken place in this area. Jasmine International quickly turned these changes to advantage entering telecommunications and becoming the leading telecommunication company and the main contractor in various telecommunications projects for government organizations. It has earned a fortune on this business. There are a lot of companies within the group producing steady incomes for it. It continued being engaged in this direction and built needed infrastructure being able to launch a complete package of Internet Protocol communications services. That is only the beginning because being involved in this area the company gets wide opportunities for future growth.

Now Jasmine Group is very seriously committed to the business connected with Internet and its goal is to become a leader at the domestic market. To reach this target it recruits the best professionals in this field and looks for talents all over the country concentrating on its mission. All top managers as well as chairman of the company have a technical background. The formal qualifications in the technical aspects of the telecommunications industry is the must for almost all the staff here, management and financial education is the required additional benefits for those who want to take up a powerful position in the company.

How did the building appear?

Becoming powerful and mighty the company started expanding business and one of the most reliable residual incomes is rentier income. So, the assets of Jasmine Group increased with a modern 31-storey office tower. It is located on Chaengwatana road. In the building the head office of Jasmine Group is placed and that means that the level of the services here are one of the highest in the country. This intelligent office center offers a range of new technology services and among them there are fixed-line telephone services, broadband internet, online communication through wireless internet, leased line circuit, and data center. They invite the rich and successful clients to rent facilities here for office and promise continuing optimization of service.

The building with its services

The 31-storey building is conveniently located – one can reach CBD through Second Stage Expressway spending just 15 minutes. It is accessible by transport as far as it is just next to Chaengwatana road, the Information and Communication Technology road. It is rather easy to find a place for a car here for there are 1000 car parking spaces in the tower.

The safety-critical level of the building means that Building Automation System operates here to provide the renters with stable running of equipment. All the processes are controlled and monitored on the central control panel. The system also allows energy conservation. Convenient internet access is ensured with the fiber optic network applied within the whole building. It provides high-speed data communications. While highly efficient telecommunications link is possible due to a 40-meter antenna established on the roof of the building.

The companies working in their offices here can be sure in high level protection as far as 24 hours monitoring is carried out by experienced security guards. The fire protection system conforms to US standards. The advanced Data Center is very reliable and efficient being equipped with an independent power supply, advanced fire protection systems, and high-speed communications network allowing companies conduct the business without a pause during a day. In the business center there is Food Court for back-office staff and it dines 500 persons during lunch. Here also there are a range of stores and banks. For conferences and meetings there are auditorium and boardroom. The tower is equipped with dvanced executive passenger and service lifts so it takes just a few seconds to reach the highest floor. It also should be mentioned that in the Jasmine International Tower there re acoustic T-Bar ceilings, bright lightening and centralized air conditioning.


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